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Women Cell In Association With IQAC
G. S. Tompe Arts, Commerce & Science College
Chandur Bazar, Dist Amravati, Maharashtra
Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati (M.S).
NAAC Accredited B++ CGPA 2.89

In association with:

International Association of Research and Developed Organization (IARDO)


Conference World

Date: 15 March 2021


Note : Authors of selected  articles will get an online conference link (Google meet)

About the College

G. S. Tompe Arts, Commerce and Science College, a multi- Faculty, grant –in –aid institution, offering UG, PG and Ph.D Programmes, affiliated to   Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati. It was started by Late Shri Govindraoji Sitaramji Tompe under Govindraoji Sitaramji Tompe Mahavidyalaya Sarvajanik Trust on 1st Jan 1968 with a vision to make education available for the socio-economically backward students of Chandur Bazar Taluka. Our college is one of the oldest college and one of the well-known institutes affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, with most of the facilities to cater to the need of the students in Chandur Bazar area. It has completed fifty glorious years of its existence in 2018. G. S. Tompe Arts, Commerce and Science College, Chandur Bazar was reaccredited with “B++” grade & CGPA 2.89 (Third Cycle). Presently Hon. Keshavdada Tompe is a chairman, Hon. Bhaskar dada Tompe is the secretary & Dr. V. K. Tompe is the active Member of the college. Their valuable guidance & moral support has really made this college quite popular amongst the people of Chandur Bazar. 

Call for Papers

Interested authors are requested to submit full length manuscript of research paper in MS-Word 2007 or MS –Word 2010 including paper title, names of author and email address of corresponding author. The font should be Times New Roman, size 11. The maximum length of manuscript is limited to 4 pages including diagrams. You are requested to send email of full research paper to 
Submitted Papers will be reviewed by the reviewers and the decision of the reviewers would be full and final.


Important Dates:

 Date of Conference:  15 March 2021

 Last Date of Submission:  10 March 2021

Topics Covered
Life Sciences
Applied Sciences
Nano science and Nanotechnology
Environmental Science
Biomaterials and Biosensors
Language, Literature and Humanities
Women’s Protection and Safety
Gender equality and violence against women
Women and Health
Economics and Finance
E-Business Management
Education & Educational Research
Information and Library Science
Sociology and Social Work

Highlights of the Conference

 1. All the accepted papers authors will be published in the international journals having ISSN & Impact factor.

2. Every author will get two certificates, one for paper publication in Journal other for paper presentation in conference.

3. All the papers of the conference will be published in the conference proceeding with ISBN.

4 All the accepted will be indexed in Google scholar & IDIIF.

5. Research Paper in absentia is also acceptable.

Mode of Research Paper Presentation:

Mode1. Author can directly present paper through Video Conferencing (Google meet) on 15/03/2021

Mode2. Author(s), those fail to attend the conference can send the power point presentation of maximum 10 slides on   till 12/03/2021

Mode 3. Author can record their Presentation and can share through WhatsApp till 12/03/2021

Thanks & Regards

Conference Team

Mob: (+91) 7830301515 , 9759005373

Dr. R. S. Ramteke
G. S. Tompe Arts, Commerce & Science College, 
Chandur Bazar, Dist Amravati
Hon. Keshavdada Tompe              
Chairman G.S.Tompe,College Sarvajanik Trust, Chandur Bazar.

Hon. Bhaskardada  K. Tompe
Secretary, G. S. Tompe College Sarvajanik Trust, Chandur Bazar.  

Dr. Vijay. K. Tompe   
Member, G. S. Tompe College Sarvajanik Trust, Chandur Bazar.

Dr. Yugandhara M. Rajgure (Convener Women Cell and HOD, Botany Department)
Dr. Priya S. Deole (HOD, Physics)
Co- Conveners
Dr. Jyoti  J. Chore (HOD, Home Economics)
Dr. Parvati  K. Shirke (Librarian)
Organizing Secretary
Prof. Manju. N. Pawar (Dept. of Physics, M. Secretary Women Cell)
Dr. Nidhi S. Dixit (Dept. of Chemistry) NSS Programme Officer
Dr. Priyadarshini V. Deshmukh (Dept. of Marathi)

International Advisory Committee
Dr. Vijay Singh Rawat,
Assistant Professor, Adama Science and Technology University, Adama, Ethiopia.
Prof. Dr. Amer A. Taqa,
DB'S . Department, College of Dentistry, Mosul University.
Dr. Elsanosy M. Elamin
Assist. Pro. and Head  Dept., Department of Electrical Engineering.
University of Kordofan, Faculty of Engineering, Elobeid, Sudan.
Dr. P. Corell,
REU Program Director, Jackson State University, Jackson, USA.
Chung-ta Kingch, 
National Tsing Hua University Taiwan.

National Advisory Committee
Dr. Prabha Y. Bhogaonkar, Ex- Director, GVISH, Amravati.
Dr. Aarti  A. Saoji, Ex- Director, Institute of Science, Nagpur.
Dr. Rashmi Salpekar, Professor, Dean, V.S.L.L.S, Vivekananda Institute of professional studies, Delhi.
Dr. Leena S. Kandalkar, Principal, Indirabai Meghe College, Amravati.
Dr. Aradhana V. Vaidya , Principal, Bhartiya Mahavidyalaya, Amravati.
Dr. Alka Bhise, Principal, Vinayak Science College, Nandgaon Khandeshwar.
Dr. Pradhnya S. Yenkar, Principal, Vidyabharati College, Amravati.
Dr. Minal Bhonde, Principal, Mahatma Fule Mahavidyalaya, Amravati.
Dr. Smita Deshmukh, Principal, Shivaji Arts College, Amravati.
Dr. Sushma S. Deshmukh, Principal,  Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Amravati.
Dr. Sangita  A. Jawanjal, Professor & Head Dept of Home economics, Smt. R.S College, Anjangaon Surji.
Dr. Daya Pande, Professor & Head Dept. of Sociology, Bhartiya Mahavidyalaya, Amravati.
Dr. Tai  B. Uke , Professor, Dept of Commerce, Smt. R.S. College, Anjangaon Surji .
Dr.Varsha  Rathod Professor, Dept of Botany, Kolhapur
Dr. Varsha  N. Deshmukh, Professor, Dr. P. D Law College, Amravati.
Dr. Vaishali A. Meshram, Professor, Dept. Of Environmental Science, Narsamma College, Amravati
Dr. R. Divya, Asst. Prof. Dept of Costume Design & Fashion, PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore.
Dr. Vijaya S. Sangawar, Dept of  Physics, GVISH Amravati.
Dr. Seema  B. Adhau, Dept of Home economics, Indirabai Meghe College, Amravati.
Dr. Vanita  D. Chore, Asst Professor Dept of Economics,  NAD. College, Chandur Bazar.
Dr. Leena  S. Chaware, Professor, Dept of Home Economics, NAD. College, Chandur Bazar.
Dr. Sonal S. Chandak, Professor, Dept. of  Commerce, K. L. College Amravati.
Dr. Sandhya  A. Kale, Asso. Professor  Dept of Home Economics, S. K. College, Akola.
Dr. Anajli Deshmukh, Dept of Home Science, GVISH, Amravati.
Dr. Manisha  N. Kodape, PGTD of Chemistry, SGBAU, Amravati.
Dr. Swarupa rani N. Gupta, IQAC Co-coordinator BBSC, Amravati.
Dr. Mansi Ghamande, Dept of Chemistry, VIT, Pune.
Dr. Jayashree Y. Padole, Asst Professor Dept of Geography,  NAD. College, Chandur Bazar.
Sau. Chaya Bhatt, International  Sports Person ( Power Weightlifting & Judo), Amravati.
Dr. Manjusha Wath, Dept of  Botany, GVISH,  Amravati.
Dr. Varsha Hutke, Dept of  Botany, GVISH, Amravati.
Dr. Kalpana Kothale, Dept of  Botany, GVISH, Amravati.
Dr. Suchita Khodke, Dept of  Botany, Vinayak Science College, Nandgaon Khandeshwar.
Dr. Rekha Maggirwar, Assot Professor, Shri Shivaji Science College, Amravati.
Dr. Seema  D. Meshram Associate Professor, Dept of  Physics, RDIK Badnera.  
Dr. Archana Mahakalkar , Forensic  Biology, Govt. Institute of  Forensic Science, Nagpur.
Dr. Rupali Mahakhode, Dept. of Botany, Shri Shivaji Science College, Nagpur.
Dr. Kalpana  R. Nagle, Assistant Professor, Dept of Physics, Institute of Science, Nagpur.
Dr. Vishakha Saoji,Director of  Physical Education, GVISH Amravati.
Dr. Sarita. Ghanghat, Asst. Prof. & Head8 Dept of Botany  Gvt. S.G.S PG College Ganj Basoda, District Vidhisha, Madhya Pradesh.
Dr. Sandhya Kadu, Dept. of Botany, Bhartiya Mahavidyalaya, Amravati.
Miss. Minakshi  A. Ingole, Asst. Professor in English D.M.E.S.S. Arts and Science College, Amalner KBCNU, Jalgaon.
Dr. Tabassum Inamdar , Asst.Prof,  Dept. of  English, Mahila Mahavidyalaya Georai, Dist.Beed.
Dr. Manisha  Kale, Asst. Prof, Dept. of English Pratishthan Mahavidyalaya, Paithan, Dist. Aurangabad
Dr. Archana  Bobde, Shivaji Arts and Commerce College, Amravati.
Dr. Shilpa G. Vidhale, Assistant Professor, Dept of Physics, Adarsh science college, Dhamangaon Rly.
Dr. Naina  A. Sarode,  Department of Chemistry JMV Achalpur.
Dr. Aparna  S. Dighade, Asst. Professor, J. D. Patil Sanguldkar, Daryapur.
Dr. Reena Lahriya, Asst Professor, Department of  Zoology, BBSC, Amravati.
Dr. Dipali Gulwade, Dept of Chemistry, GVISH Amt.
Dr. Shubhangi G. Sonone, Department of Chemistry, SSSC, Akot .
Dr. Suruchi  R. Kadu , Dept of  Botany, BBSC, Amravati.
Dr. Pratiksha Savle, Assit Professor, Dept of Chemistry, Govt. Geetanjali girls PG Autonomous college, Bhopal.
Dr Aradhana Verma, Assit Professor, Dept of Chemistry, Govt. Geetanjali girls PG Autonomous college, Bhopal.
Dr. Archana Bobde, Dept. of  English ,Shivaji Arts and Commerce College, Amravati.
Dr. Shubhangi G. Sonone, Department of Chemistry, SSSC, Akot. 
Dr. Sunita Chauhan, Associate Professor , Dept of  Chemistry
Dr. Saroj Ratnakar, Associate Professor, Dept of Zoology.   
Dr. S. L. Sayre, Dept of  Chemistry , Gvt. Polytechnic Nagpur.            
Dr. Nagaratna Parande Associate Professor Dept of English Rani Channamma University, Belagavi, Karnataka.
Dr. Anila Sharma, Master trainer and Assessor, Amity School of Design, Amity University.
Dr. Madhuri U. Thakre Asst. Professor &Head Dept of Zoology, Sant Gadge Maharaj Mahavidyalaya, Hingna, Nagpur.
Dr. Bhavna Wasnik, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Home economics, Mahila Mahavidyalaya.  

Local Organising Committee     
Dr. Pradhnya G. Khapekar, Dept of  Botany, JMV Achalpur.
Miss. Mona S. Dixit, Dept of Physics, JMV Achalpur.
Dr. Smita Lande, Assistant Professor, Late Pundlikrao Gawali Arts   &  Science College, Shirpur Jain




G. S. Tompe Arts, Commerce & Science College,Chandur Bazar, Dist Amravati, Maharashtra